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This isn’t going to be 7 pages long. I don’t remember every single detail from last night. I don’t remember most quotes. But I remember the events… Here’s more or less what went down.

The party was supposed to start at 8:30, but I knew because of the snow, they’re going to be late. I texted Sam and asked how close they are… here’s the conversation:

Me: Do we know how close you are?

Sam: Our GPS says 30 minutes but that time is growing because this snow is miserable

Me: *insert crying emojis here* we’ll be waiting!

Sam: I know! We’re taking it slow and making it safe!

Me: Well we’re gonna call you while you’re not here if that’s okay

*he didn’t respond for a few minutes so I just called him and he didn’t pick up*

Sam: Everyone’s trying to sleep at the moment. Why are you calling? :)

Me: Because we want to talk to you and we’re bored and I really hope whoever’s driving isn’t sleeping

Sam: Haha Jordan’s awake, but his job is keeping us alive, I’m not handing him a phone. I’m awake, but I’m not supposed to be using my voice that much, so I’m not even taking my Mom’s calls. I’m sorry we’re late but it’s absolutely a safety thing. I’ll call when we get a little closer.

Me: Alright!

(we then prepped Sam for the interview because we knew that it was going to be really late by the time they got here and we just wanted to get things started)

Sam: Is it snowing where you are?

Me: Slightly. Slash are you really that far away???

Sam: Yeah, it’s getting much better the further south we go!

Me: Yay!

Sam: We’re off the exit! My GPS says 12 minutes!

Me: Everyone just clapped. What exit? Or do you know what town you’re in?

Sam: I’m not sure. Off of 495. Right near Cordaville!

Me: …Sure… See you in 12 minutes!

Sam: Do you know where Cordaville is? Looks like a lovely town!

Me: Not at all. Are you even going to the right place?

Sam: *insert my address here* is that correct?

Me: Yes

Sam: Phew. you had me worried for a sex!


Autocorrect fail

Me: That’s weirdly sexual

Sam: It’s because the word sex was in there, I think!

Me: You didn’t get my reference

Sam: What about Ashland. We’re almost to that?


Then, knowing that they’re really close, Sam calls me. We all run outside (in the snow) and start talking to him. Actually, it’s more like we were talking to each other and he’s on speaker the whole time and was just listening to us. Eventually he mentioned that he’s passing houses and stuff and we see a car on my street that looks like it’s slowing down and about to stop in front of my house. Sam was still on the phone, so I said “A CAR! IS THAT YOU? IT’S SLOWING DOWN, IT’S YOU! I’M HANGING UP NOW!” We realize that it’s Holly’s dad, get all disappointed, and call Sam back. He answers the phone with “We’re still driving, I don’t think that’s us” but he soon says that he’s two streets away from me…. then one street away… then he’s on my street. We see headlights coming from the other direction and I hang up for real.

Soon enough, there’s this big black van with a sketchy man inside who rolls down the window and tells me that he’s looking for “Simma Lamb…? Have you heard of her?” Gotta love Jordan. We try to figure out where they can park because we knew plowing was going to happen and we didn’t want the van to get ticketed or anything, and we then realized it would fit in the driveway. I then notice the kitten calendar. The kitten calendar I bought them. The kitten calendar they use.

They park and Sam is the first one to get out of the van. I give him a big hug and then go inside because I didn’t really want to stand in the snow any longer. I walk in the house, take off my shoes, and Jordan walks in. I give him a big hug and then walk away because I was standing on the front mat and it was really soggy because we all just came from the snow and our shoes were wet, but with every person who came in, I kept going back to the front door. 

When Michael walked in, he gave me the biggest hug I have ever gotten from him. I love hugs… hugs are good things. 

Lucas came in last, and I was already in the living room, so I walked up to him, said “happy wedding” and gave him a chocolate rose. And of course there was a hug in there somewhere. 

Everyone was kinda just chilling out at this point and I showed Michael what he wrote on my poster. It’s supposed to say Gunz, but the ‘G’ looks more like a ‘B’, so his new nickname is Bunz.

At this point, it must have been 9:45 and my mom was starting to yell at me about the time, so I made them all settle down to do the interview. Sam updated the rest of them “this is for the fans that already know everything about us, so if it’s a question that’s been asked before, come up with a new answer”, and we got started… or tried… I was coughing like crazy and every time we tried to start, I would just start coughing again. 

So we did the interview and that was extremely entertaining. I’ll post it at some point when I figure out how to get it on iMovie and then youtube…. hopefully soon, though. 

In the middle of the interview, though, I noticed that Jordan was playing with a key that he had hanging around his neck, so I went to look at it and noticed that it wasn’t the key to Turtle Island, and he reached into his pocket and showed it to me. That was an exciting moment.

The interview was hilarious…

So right after the interview, they brought all of their instruments in and started playing. 

Lucas went outside, I’m guessing for a smoke, and then came back inside in the middle of the second song which just so happened to be What You Want Me To. It was perfect timing though, because right in the pause before the chorus starts, we heard the door open and everyone just stopped what they were doing to see who was walking in and we noticed that it was Lou and … he was so confused, but he eventually did his drum solo.

It was about 10:50 after the third song (and a ton of fooling around mixed in there), so I asked Sam if we could move on because my parents were going to kick them out at 11 (because that’s when it was supposed to end but since they got there an hour late, nothing was going according to plan). So Sam was like “let’s just skip everything and go right to Yours Truly, is that okay?” I smiled and nodded realizing that he’s well aware what that song means to me. 

After they played that, Sam was like “hey, Walker, wanna sing Strawberry Fish?” and I was all “Strawberry Fish or any other Walker original” so they made up a song called Strawberry Fish With A Cheez-it Problem. It’s the greatest thing ever. Go watch it right now.

After they finished playing, we moved into the den because it’s farther away from the rest of the house so people who wanted to sleep could. 

I was uploading the interview onto my computer because I used someone else’s camera and memory card but needed it on my computer and she needed her memory card back, so I plugged my charger in and put the memory card in my computer and uploaded the video.

While this was happening, I gave Michael my This Is Not A Book and opened it to page 81 which is the guest registry, and he drew a picture of us together, but he’s awkwardly much taller than me in this picture. 

Jordan was having an allergy attack at this point and I felt really bad because I had no idea he was allergic to cats. At one point I asked him if he wanted some benadryl and his face lit up, I have never seen him so happy.

After they all (except Jordan because he wasn’t in the room and I didn’t notice until they left) signed my guest registry, I looked at it and saw Michael’s picture and said “Michael, I don’t think my face is at crotch level” and then Sam said “yet”. These boys are so sexual… like, what is this?

Cole was on his phone at one point… well, more than one point, and someone mentioned how he’s really antisocial, and then Cole made this huge deal about how ‘antisocial’ technically means something different than how everyone uses it and Sam kept trying to tell him that if you use it enough with a different meaning, that false meaning will eventually be it’s new meaning because that’s what everyone thinks it’s meaning is. Then Cole, Jordan, Lucas, and Sam all went onto their phones and looks up definitions of ‘antisocial’ and I believe it was Lucas who proved Cole wrong. 

Then we made Cole do an eyebrow war with Darren Criss. That was fun shit. 

Cole got up at one point and was just looking around my kitchen. I asked what he was looking for or if he needed something or something and he was just like “oh, I’m just looking”.

Then we were just hanging… just being… nothing specific was talked about, we were just there… and then they had to leave.

They all went into the living room to grab their jackets and everything, and we start giving/getting hugs and taking pictures. First I asked Jordan for a hug, but I asked him to take off his jacket because I had this theory. Well, the two other pictures I have with Jordan, he’s in that jacket, and I seem to kinda snuggle up with him, so I wanted to see if it was him or the jacket. It’s him. 

Then, I wanted a group picture because I don’t have any. The 5 of them were standing in a line and I just walked up right in front of them, but I felt really awkward about it, so they huddled around me… needless to say, it’s my favorite picture.

Then they left. I hugged everyone and realized that Jordan left without hugging me, so I went outside to give him a hug. After that, as I was walking back inside, Sam was walking outside. He gave me the biggest hug ever. I know that he does that with everyone, but it really did feel special.

The last words I heard from Sam were “Thank you so much” ……… “for everything that you do for us”