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The street that Holly lives on was completely empty except for this one black van with a trailer attached. I was obviously in the right place. I believe I jumped out of the car as it was still moving, and I was just searching for Holly’s house. I couldn’t find it and I was just running up and down the street until I finally found it. I ran in, hugged all of them, saying hi to each one, except for Michael. My first words to him were “wow, you are as awkwardly tall as I expected”. Awesome first impression, right?
Somewhere during that, someone whispered to someone else and Marcus said “secrets don’t make friends and friends don’t make secrets” and I told him about how for the longest time, I thought I was making up that line.
After hugs, I ran back outside to get their gifts. I come back in, start taking things out of my bag, and hand everything to everyone. Silly bands (that they wore later), mustaches that Marcus said he would wear but never did, candy, and friendship bracelets… well, friendship bracelets for siblings. I gave one to Cole and I told him “can you give this to Aaron for me?” and he said “yeah, sure” but he wasn’t really paying any attention, so I asked him “do you even know who Aaron is?” he said “yeah, I think… maybe?” and I was like “uhhhh… your brother?” he was all “I don’t think that’s my brother’s name…” so I explained the whole Aaron Carter thing and he said he would get it to him. I then gave Joe’s to Sam and asked him to give it to Joe and he said “yeah, I’ll text him right now” and then said “I have to have a serious talk with Marina about talking to my brother.” I was like “yeah, she told you about that, but which brother are you talking about?” and he was like “WAIT! SHE’S TALKING TO MORE THAN ONE?!?!?!”

This was the first time my text tone went off. For those who don’t know, it’s the Kim Possible ringtone. They were all so entertained by it and we started talking about Kim Possible. Sam mentioned Ron Stoppable and I completely forgot that Stoppable was his last name so I questioned him on that, and then Marcus was trying to figure out who did the voice for him. I knew the answer but I couldn’t think of it at the time, and then Sam shouted out that it’s the same guy who plays Cory’s brother in Boy Meets World. From that, instead of bonding over Boy Meets World, Jordan mentioned that he was also in My Date With The President’s Daughter and then Jordan and Marcus started singing “MY DATE WITH THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER, OH YEAH, MY DATE WITH HERRRR”

I then grabbed all of their shirts and gave them out, and they were so excited and Sam was all “I feel like people who don’t understand these shirts will still like them. ‘Oh, it’s a turtle thing! That’s cool’” and then he was mentioning that he’s a small, not medium and he asked me if I just guessed their sizes and I mentioned that I tweeted all of them but Jordan was the only one who actually got back and he mentioned all of their sizes, or at least what he thought, so I trusted him with that. I guess I shouldn’t have. I was also frantically looking through my bag trying to find Marcus’s shirt and I was getting really scared thinking that I left it at home, but then I realized that Marina bought it/has it and was bringing it later.

We then all moved into the living room and started talking there.

Sam mentioned that he loves Boston and that he would love to live here, and I mentioned how I hate it and would love to live in Israel. Of course, he asked why Israel. I gave him my typical “I’ve been there 5 times, I love it there, it’s so beautiful…” speech and he went on to kinda quiz me about the country. He was like “tell me something I don’t know about Israel. Just tell me a fun fact or something” so I started listing a few things and he was really interested and then asked what native language they speak and I said Hebrew. He then asked if I knew any Hebrew, and I said that I’ve studied 6 languages, one of them being Hebrew. Jordan then chimed in and said “Simma, I have something really awesome to tell you. I’m friends with you on foursquare”.

Then Jordan started playing with the key to Turtle Island, and he asked if it actually unlocked anything. I had to explain how someone once mentioned that my house should be Turtle Island, so in theory it would unlock my house, but the key is the wrong shape, so TJ started making fun of me for giving him a key to my house and then Sam pulled up an email from when my mom ordered merch and just blurted out my address. I was more than sketched out.

Marina texted me in the middle of this and I was still trying to do a few things with gifts and stuff, so I was shuffling things around in my hands trying not to drop anything, and when I tried texting Marina back, Sam just tried to type random letters, but it didn’t really happen. When I was done he tried to grab my phone away but I didn’t really realize what was going on, so I tried just stuffing my phone into my bra, but he was still kinda sorta trying to grab it and then he said “I just wanted to see your phone” and I was like “well… uhmm… do you still wanna see it?” I don’t think he responded because at this point we were just making fun of Holly who didn’t understand the basic math. (Marina said at 3:00 that she would be there at 3:20, and it was 3:15, and Holly said that she was going to be there in 45 minutes…?)
During those 5 or so minutes, I gave out my ‘coupons’. The one for Michael said “One free skype date”, and everyone was really confused about it, so he explained. “She added me on skype but didn’t believe that it was actually me, so I promised her that we were going to have to skype at some point” and my sister thought it was the stupidest thing.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, we were talking about spit takes, and someone didn’t know what it was, so Sam went outside with a glass of water, and Lucas called him and said “Sam, I have some bad news for you. You just died” and he did a spit take!

So then we heard some car doors slamming and we were getting excited and I was starting to get nervous… And Lucas thought that they brought a dog with them? I honestly didn’t understand where half of the things they said came from. Like Jordan was making really weird noises once and he was just like “I feel like that just needed to be said”

So Marina and Sam (her friend, Sam, not Sam Miller) gave out their gifts and finally when that was done, I got everyone to quiet down so that I could propose to Lucas. I was really excited about this. Marina was recording it on my camera, Holly was taking pictures… I was ready to do this shit.

I started talking and he just kept interrupting me. Even the first sentence, “When I first met you, I never thought we would meet again, especially not like this” “Aww, that’s sad. This story is already really sad” slash apparently he thought it was a story which might be why he kept interrupting. When I finally got to “will you marry me?” he was really excited about it and he said yes.

Apparently Cole also got it on video and said he’s going to email it to me, but I have yet to get it.

So in the middle, somewhere, my alarm (which is Hedwig’s Theme) went off telling me to call Hayley and have Cole talk to her. After he got off the phone, he started playing around with his own phone and eventually said “I just downloaded every single Harry Potter sound to my phone”. They were also really entertained by my Kim Possible text tone, especially Jordan. He kept doing it back after each time I got a text.

Eventually, everyone had to go and load up at the venue, so they all went to Holly’s room to sign her wall. While they were in there, my stuff was on her bed, including my camera, and Cole knocked it off of her bed and onto the floor and then tried to pretend like it didn’t happen. I then went back into the living room. Jordan was the only one in there, and I fuzzed his coat (which people were kinda sketched out by) and told him about how much I loved his coat when we first met and he was really excited about how it’s missing a few buttons so it’s kinda like a Sherlock coat (I think is what he called it), and then he told us all to stop talking, counted to 4, and then mentioned that it takes 4 seconds for a situation to become awkward, but everyone in the room said either “this isn’t awkward” or “it’s never awkward until you make it awkward”. They said quick goodbyes, and were on their way.

We were left with Sam and Cole to play for us. They played Now Or Never, Get To You, Yours Truly (which I didn’t cry at but really wanted to), Last Breath, Advice, Sanctuary/1, 2, 3, 4 (but not really), and More Than Lust, and then they were running late so they had to rush back to the venue.

We got inside after spending about an hour in the cold, and I went straight to the merch table, and wrote down my name and number. My hands were completely numb, though, so my name wasn’t quite readable, but I was like “you can’t read this, but you know who I am” and Anthony was like “yeah, I know you…” and we went into the main room.

Marina and I tried our best to push forward in the pit, and we got as close as possible. We were right in front of Jordan’s mic stand, and even with 3 or 4 rows in front of me, I still had a perfect view of my future husband.

They finally got on stage and I got pumped and started screaming. They started playing and I was just jumping around, recording it, taking pictures… really enjoying myself. The first song that they played was More Than Lust, so that was fun, but then it actually hit me that I was there when they played Sanctuary.

Sam looks at specific people while singing, and I noticed each time he found me. He was also on my side of the stage for most of the Sanctuary speech, and was looking right at me for part of it. It kinda seemed like when he was looking at other people, it was just a glance or something, but each time he would look at me, I would get the biggest smile because it felt more like he was singing right to me, as apposed to singing to a sold out show.

After their set, I went out to the main lobby to wait for them. They didn’t come out, and I noticed that no one was at the merch table, so what better time to settle everything between Anthony and I? It started off with “hey, can I talk to you” but soon turned into us fighting each other on different things that were said and what was meant by those things and we were just talking over each other… but eventually everything got settled. Although I’ll never be as close with him as any of the other fans are, I’m really glad things are chill between us.

Eventually, people from the band started coming out and I got pictures, I talked to them, I got autographs, the works.

When Michael first came out, he actually came through the main doors, so I was pretty much right at the door with my arms wide open waiting for a hug. He walked in, hugged me back, and I just said “ew, you’re really wet… please tell me that’s not sweat?” and then as he was telling me that it isn’t sweat/he’s not wet, I realized that he just came inside from the freezing cold and that his shirt was just cold.

I was also able to cross multiple things off of my bucket list, such as “Plank with Michael Walker”. I also told Lucas that “Cone with Lucas Zimmerman” is on my bucket list, and he was like “What? Why? I’ve done that once and it was a terrible experience! I mean, they know what you’re doing!”

I got pictures with all 6 of them, Jordan and I talked for a while, Michael and I talked for a while, I got a regal picture of Jordan… it was fabulous.

Marcus was standing by the side of the room all alone at one point, so I decided to ask him something that I’ve always wondered. What are his tattoos of? On his left arm, it’s the beginning of a sleeve. I guess he has a fear of the ocean, so that’s pretty much what he’s getting. At one point when he was explaining that the way he’s going to conquer his fears is if he lives with them every day, so I was like “ha, your fears, you should get a turtle since that’s what paradise fears! haha, I’m so funny” and he said that he’s planning on getting one at some point.

About 20 minutes before the show ended, I asked Anthony how many people signed up for the chill sesh, and he said about 85. I was in complete shock. Apparently the most they’ve had was 50, but they usually get about 25. I was so proud. I was also completely speechless. That’s just amazing. How does shit like that even happen???? So because there were so many people who wanted to go, we couldn’t all fit in the conference room of the hotel that they were planning on going to, so we were told “The Paradise Fears chill sesh will be at Frying Pan Late, 15 Allen Road, Willow, Alaska” meaning “You guys are so awesome that you won’t fit in a conference room, so we’re just going to hang out by the van outside in the parking lot.”

I decided to leave the venue a few minutes early so that I can get there and have there not be too much of a crowd so that I could get things done and leave, but no one was there yet. Eventually, Cole got there, and we talked for a few seconds, but then he had to call someone, so he went into the van and was on the phone for a while.

I realized that there were huge crowds outside of the doors, so I went over there to check it out. I found Michael, because that’s really not that tough to do since he’s so tall, and I noticed Jordan behind him. I went up to Jordan because I noticed that there were only like, two people around him so I thought I would get a chance to have him write the quote for the tattoo that I’ll be getting at some point in life. Those two girls, though, wouldn’t leave him alone, so I turned around and noticed that Michael was all alone. I told him my plan, one/two words in each one’s handwriting, so he went out of his way to write really nicely in cursive. I then asked him to specify which one was his, because I’m used to their signatures rather than their normal hand writing, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to tell when I got home. He put
“-Michael Walker
and then a heart that looks like a “B” but just slanted. Then I finally got Jordan to do it, and then Marcus, and all I needed was Sam, but Sam was still stuck in the middle of a giant crowd of girls. I still needed Lucas and Cole to do it, but I couldn’t find Lucas and knew that Cole was still by the van, so I went back to the van to get it done. When I was there, Stefanie mentioned how on their way back to the venue earlier, all they were doing was looking at the kitten calendar and Lucas mentioned that he’s going to hang it up as soon as he can. He also took one of the sticky notes off and put it on their window.

Lucas also climbed into the van at one point and while he was bending over, his ass (wearing boxers) was completely showing and his boxers had penguins on them and I really wanted to mention that I liked his boxers because I love penguins, but I felt like it would be the most awkward thing I could ever tell anyone. “oh hey, I like your underwear”

More and more people started walking over to the van for the chill sesh, and once Anthony got there, I was finally able to buy merch. I was really upset when he mentioned that they sold out of the necklaces, though, because I really wanted one. I guess I’ll just have to get one online.

Then when I walked back over to the van, I noticed Cole throwing candy to everyone out of their van, so I mentioned something about how it’s sketchy that they’re giving out candy from their van and then Lucas tweeted my exact words without even crediting me. #sadface

After that, Cole took a picture with some random fan and Lou photobombed, and I got really jealous, so I asked Cole if he can photobomb a picture. He told me “You can’t plan a photobomb. If you plan it, it’s just like a normal picture” and then he made really strange facial expressions and walked away, so I went up to Lucas and asked for a funny face picture. After we took it, I looked at it and saw Cole photobombing. It made my life.

Then Cole started talking about his sorting hat or something, which reminded me to ask Lucas what house he was in, and he said Slytherin. That also made my life. So I hugged him but kinda tackled him at the same time and he kinda fell backwards, but the door to the van was there to catch his fall.

Sam then walked up, and just as I was about to ask him to write the quote, he says “alright, let’s sing”. Cole starts mentioning how they usually do donations and whoever gives the most gets to pick a song, but since we were doing it outside of their van, they just wanted us to shout out song names. I, of course, screamed “1, 2, 3, 4” because they were supposed to play it at the house show but Holly confused them so they never learned it and never played it for us, and when I screamed it out, Cole gave me this look like “why the fuck do you keep asking for that, you know the answer is no”.

I listened for part of the first song, and then I walked away. I felt like I already enjoyed their presence enough that I would let everyone else enjoy this moment while I went to talk to Marcus and Lucas who were over in a circle smoking… slash I actually had no idea Lucas was there until he said something. That whole group of people that they were with were really loud, but at one point they were all silent and I could hear Sam’s voice singing “I kept chasing the mail, always lost never found…”

I walked up to the semi-circle, right next to where Michael was standing, and I just listened to “Dear my never, this is my half-hearted goodbye” and I just started tearing up… “the other half wants to still try remembering words that you said” I turned to Michael and gave him the biggest hug that I have ever given to anyone. He had no idea why, he’s used to giving/getting random hugs, so why would this moment be any different? “but I guess we let go now” He was really into the performance, so when I felt his arms wrap around me, it was the best feeling in the world. I have never felt such comfort while listening to that song. I have never felt so safe while hearing those words. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

After that song, a woman drove up to us and told us that we all had to go and if we didn’t, she was going to call the cops. I started giving everyone their hugs and I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to get Sam to write the quote, but I finally got it. He also signed my notebook (which the other 5 did earlier). While he was signing my notebook, I told him again how much Yours Truly means to me, and I let him know that I started crying when he played it. He gave me the biggest hug ever… I just wish it could have lasted longer.

I wish the whole day could have lasted longer.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without these six boys in my life.