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Unlike the post about Paradise Fears, this is going to be ALLLL over the place. I can’t even type right now.

So when we drove into the park, there was this giant tour bus next to the car, and Holly was all “OH MY GAWD, THAT’S THE SAME BUS HE HAD ON THE GLAMNATION TOUR FJIEOLAHGIEALJKF” so we followed the bus and it stopped and we came out of the car and waited by it. Then it started moving again and we chased after it. We stood there for a good 10 minutes, and the driver keeps eyeing us. Finally, he opened the door, came out, walked to the other side of the bus (with the door wide open question mark) and then came back and got back in. Later, he left with some woman …. anyway, eventually, no one else was coming out so we just went into the park.

We went straight to get our wrist bands and then get in line. When we were in line, some lady was writing numbers on our hands to insure that everyone knows the order in which everyone got there and that she would be entering first since she was there at 6 am. I was kinda confused, though, because we had the picnic special thingy so I went up to the security guard, Cameron (we were best friends by the end of the show), and I asked about the picnic and we have those passes when is that opening what’s going on with that, and he gave me some sort of information, and this old lady who was there since 6 am was all “you’re not going in before us” and I was like “uh, sorry, I bought this, you didn’t, yes I am. I don’t give a fuck when you’ve been here since” so she had a bitchfit and I just went back to my spot in line and eventually Cameron started moving people who have the picnic passes up to the picnic area, so we went and ate.

RIGHT as we finished, we sat down at the rope that was there to keep us from going down to the stage. So here was the suckish part. We were at the rope around …. 12:30 maybe? or like, no, it was closer to 1, and we were told that they were going to bring the rope down at 3, then the other people who didn’t get the picnic passes were going to be coming in at 3:30 and the show would start at 4. 3 came and passed. Cameron and his security guard friend came and informed us that we would be let in at 3:30. 3:30 came and passed and his security guard came back and said the they were running late with the soundcheck, so it would be 4:10. UGH, okay, so I ran to pee and then we waited …. and waited … and waited … and at one point, we saw Tommy walking past us so Holly and I ran to go meet him and we asked for a picture and he said there would be time later…. and some old lady gave me a free deluxe CD, so I was really happy about that. Anyway, finally Cameron came back and we chatted for a while and he’s adorable omg I wish we were like, actually best friends. Anyway, they finally let us in.

We were ‘walked’ to the area. The old ladies like, made sure that there would be no running because “WE’VE BEEN HERE SINCE 6 AM AND I WANT THE SPOT I DESERVE” omg shut up no one likes you. So “if you pass any security guard, you will not be seeing the concert” and I almost passed oNE BY ACCIDENT OMG but it’s OKAY BECAUSE I WAS FRONT ROW OMG but while we were walking, there was some lady with a disabled child who was in a wheelchair …. call me rude for saying this, but she was like, rolling people over and pushing people out of her way and like, totally using this wheelchair to her advantage which is terrible. And either way, she got to go back stage so WHY DID YOU HAVE TO PUSH ME THAT FAR BEHIND? omg anyway.

So I was settled. It was nice, like, I was squished but it wasn’t TOO bad…… then some FUCKING RUSSIAN LADY CAME UP AND PUSHED ME OUT OF THE WAY. EXCUSE ME? But seriously, my arm was in so much pain and then was just numb and she put her hands on me and was all “I’m surree, I’m surree” NO BITCH, YOU’RE NOT. IF YOU WERE FUCKING SORRY, YOU WOUDN’T HAVE FUCKING BARGED IN. 

When the first act was on, I was feeling really light headed, so I asked the security guard, Matt, for some water, and he was all “I can’t leave this area” so I was all “wow, Matt, I thought we were friends?” That’s a lie, I said that to him later. So I was about to faint, and this Russian lady was pushing into me even more at this point and I almost had a fucking panic attack.

Durring the second act, there was someone with a media pass that Holly summoned over and asked her to get me some water. She brings it back and the security guard (I don’t know his name …. we didn’t become best friends) asked me if I was okay, I say I’m fine, I just needed water. About 10 minutes later, someone who looked extremely official started walking towards the security guard and the security guard was pointing at me and I was all “what the fuck do you want from me?” and he was like “I heard you were sick, I just want to make sure you’re okay” and then he mentioned that there’s a first aid tent that I can go to if I need it. I thanked him and said that I was fine. Someone then mentioned that Adam is near the tent so I was honestly debating just faking being completely dehydrated. 


After they ended, there was another security guard who was all “you guys need to go now, they aren’t coming back” and she told me that he wanted to go on rides, so that was what he was doing. So we were kinda waiting near the tent place and Matt was there but made us leave and I was all “Matt, I thought we were friends!?!” oh man he’s adorable. 

We [eventually] left that area of the park and went to stand in line for Goliath. After about an hour of standing in line, we hear screams, and I just see a ton of people wearing black. It was Adam and his band. We leave the line and go straight to the exit where Tommy was standing.

We wave to him, we start screaming, then eventually, I hold my phone up to him and I was like “TOMMY, CAN WE PLEASE JUST BOND OVER OUR MATCHING PHONE CASES?????” and he held his up and it was awesome. Then he start walking towards us and I started talking to him a bit more and Al, another one of my security guard friends (who was fucking sassy as fuck like what the fuck was that all about? omg it was arobz, I loved him), was holding his arm us like “don’t pass go, don’t collect $200” and I was like “dude, he’s standing right behind you, just let us talk to him” so we GOT A PICTURE WITH TOMMY OMG HEOIAGHOAEHGLAKENRGILKAHRKJGHLSK

I also got a picture of his phone case so that I could be like “oh hey, look, we’re twinzies”