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There were definitely four highlights of my night.

First was after the boys got there, I hadn’t seen any of them yet, so none of them had known that I was here, but I had to pee, so I went int he building to pee and on my way out, I saw Sam just standing there, so I quickly gave him a letter I wrote to him while I was running out, and Sam looked kinda confused, so this was the twitter conversation:

The second was when I saw Jordan, and he was like “WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” and I mentioned how I was visiting Lexi and I’m also going to Verm and he was like “Wait, but you didn’t tweet about this, did you?” and I mentioned how I was trying to keep it a secret. I explained the whole thing where Sam knew I was but then I made him believe I wasn’t, so I just refused to tweet about it because I wanted it to be a complete surprise…. which it was :3

The third was during Sanctuary. I tried to record it but I started crying a few seconds into it, so I just gave up. I was BAWLING. oh man it was bad. Sam saw, and came over during the speech and he looked at me, put his hand on my head, sang a few lines, rubbed my head, and then stared at me again. 

The fourth was when I asked Sam the question…. and he said that I helped him. 

There were a few things from Sunday that I didn’t mention.

Right after the show, I was trying to get by Cole, but there wasn’t much room behind him (but no way to get around him either), so I did that thing where you like, put your hand on the person’s back as you’re trying to get past them, right? I start walking away, and Cole is like “wow, I’m just getting violated from every angle tonight!” and I was like “your ass is right there, would you rather me grab that?” AND THE FANS WHO WERE TALKING TO HIM GAVE ME SUCH A STRANGE LOOK OH MAN BECAUSE I DON’T THINK THEY KNEW WHO I WAS AND COLE WAS PRETTY MUCH CHILL WITH WHAT I SAID BUT THOSE FANS

There was this conversation with Jordan. Neither of us are from this state, plus, there were so many random people who also weren’t from this state who were at the show, so we were both hearing randomass accents all night. There are some people who I notice only have accents when they say certain things, so this one girl said one word, and I asked her to repeat it. She asked why, and I said that she has an accent. She was like “I don’t have an accent, you do!” and since Jordan was right there, I asked him if I have an accent. He said that I don’t really, and then I mentioned something about how this girl has a slightly southern accent, and Jordan was trying to figure it out, and I was like “You know who has a southern accent? Hayley!” and Jordan points at me for about 30 seconds, then says “HER ACCENT IS SOUTHERN AS” and there was a long pause where he was deciding whether to swear or not and then he just said “SHIT

Another thing was with Sam. I told him how there were a few people sly digging me and sending me shit on twitter and tumblr about what I said to him on May 31st when I saw him at the Boston show (here’s what I said if you don’t already know …. it’s in here somewhere) and he gave me the most confused look. Pretty much like “why the fuck would they do that and who the fuck do they think they are?” These girls are fucking lucky that I didn’t name names, honestly. But Sam thanked me for telling him what I did. 

He also thanked me for asking him what I did and I have the screenshot of the tweets as my lock screen on my phone so that I’ll never forget to ask him. 

Oh, and I asked Lou something. The other day, someone asked him how many tattoos he has and he said 3, but I was all “wait, don’t you have the one on your ankle?” and he showed it to me and he explained how they did it and how painful it was and the fact that it’s not even finished and he said that he doesn’t even count it as a tattoo, but he does have it.

I also mentioned something to Sam about how I got a video of the Sanctuary speech from the Boston show and how happy and in awe he looked, and he said that he was and that was the best night of his life.


And then I did … well, I did a few things that Marina asked but at one point, she asked me to ask Sam if he knows why we call him Twater Sauce, and he was like “I’m guessing it has something to do with tartar sauce?” So I’m glad he got that.

And the fact that no one understands why this picture means so much to the three of us….