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  • I found Potato even though I wasn’t looking for her
  • ATL is perf
  • I peed on Jack’s shit
  • I found the pink hair
  • I took a picture with the pink hair


  • I randomly saw Zack twice and took two pictures with him because yolo 


  • He drew me a face with two freckles……


  • Front row for WATIC


  • I hugged this kid……..

Here’s the story of the hug: I saw an attractive male (not that hard to find at Warped Tour), and I went up to him and asked for a hug. He uncomfortably said yes, but said yes none the less. So I give him a hug and walk away. About a minute later, a girl comes up to me and says “Why did you hug my friend’s boyfriend? She’s really uncomfortable about it”. I told her “I asked for a hug and he said yes. If he didn’t want one, he wouldn’t have said yes. Your friend is also an overprotective little fucker”.

And there was only one bad moment of the day. So I was listening to Yellowcard’s set while applying sun screen, and at one point, I put it in my cleavage because I don’t have enough hands to hold everything… Then Potato calls for me and I turn around and a wild Shayne appears and I have something in my boobs. Oops.

All in all, today was so eventful and amazing.