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My bucket list in no particular order. I will make sure to cross things off as they happen.

  1. Hold a monkey
  2. Hold a sloth
  3. Swim with dolphins
  4. Move to Israel
  5. See Backstreet Boys live
  6. Plank with Michael Walker
  7. Cone with Lucas Zimmerman
  8. Meet Bruno Mars
  9. Have a conversation with Jesse McCartney
  10. Go to a PF house show
  11. Have a PF house show
  12. Marry Lucas Zimmerman
  13. Marry Tom Felton
  14. Marry Darren Criss
  15. Marry Jesse McCartney
  16. Marry Johnny Depp
  17. Marry Colton Dixon
  18. Marry Emma Watson
  19. Marry Olivia Wilde
  20. Propose to someone with a ring pop
  21. Be best friends with Joe Miller
  22. Have someone love me more than I love them
  23. Get a tattoo of Luna Lovegood’s wand on my wrist
  24. Get a tattoo of the quote “It’s impossible to fly without wind on your wings” in Sam, Lucas, Cole, Michael, Jordan, and Marcus’s handwritings
  25. Get a tattoo of the quote “You should never, ever need a reason to be happy” in Sam’s handwriting