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There was something mentioned the other day that I have yet to see anyone comment on, positive or negative. I guess I’ll just state my opinion rather than waiting to agree or disagree with someone.

Sam announced that Paradise Fears will not be doing a fall tour.

They have been on the road non stop for over a year now, whether it be with following tours, being on tours, or doing house shows.

Now, I’m not a singer nor a doctor, so I’m not any sort of specialist on this, but Sam has been hurting his voice and is making permanent damage to it. Even if you watch a video from their most recent show or house show and compare his voice to a show or house show a year ago, you can hear a difference. He needs a break. They all need breaks. 

Most bands out there have three stages. A writing stage, a recording stage, and a touring stage. They usually don’t overlap (unless of course you think of genius lyrics on the road, of course you’re going to write them down). PF doesn’t do that. They tour, write while they’re touring, and record on their days or weeks off. 

Of course I’m not happy about the fact that I don’t know when I’ll see them next, but I’m so happy for them for taking the time off.

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