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Anonymous asked: BUT I'LL KNOW


Anonymous asked: but you're marrying your bed

he doesn’t have to know……

Anonymous asked: i want 2 mari u

let’s do it 

Anonymous asked: can i come to the show with you instead of watching my brother wrestle plz

I’m not even going because the PR is new to this and didn’t know that they don’t have extra tickets to give out and of course offered me a ticket before she knew this >:(

Anonymous asked: (((soothing lullabye)))

thnx man


I can’t! I’m so scared

Anonymous asked: you WILL be okay and you know how I know that because you my friend are a stroooong in-dee-pan-dant black woomin


Anonymous asked: hi I really do love not luf you okay and I hope you're okay and also I AGREE 10000000000000000000000000% WITH YOUR POST ABOUT PLG and wow I just I love you okay mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

ugh I went into CVS, noticed that the only customers and workers were female and calmed down, then I went to the isle where I thought it would be and couldn’t find it, so I went to the isle where I expected it to be and it was there and of course that place is like, right in front of the door which isn’t even a door, it’s a huge fucking entry way where anyone can see you…. so I had a panic attack and ran out crying. Through this whole situation, I may never be okay. But I love you too <3

Anonymous asked: luf u

true story: my ex and i were together for like two weeks but we spent every second together for these two weeks so we got really close and started getting feelings for each other but yanno, it’s only been TWO WEEKS, so we didn’t want to exchange our love for each other so he kept telling me that he “lufs” me, but I didn’t understand what he was saying so when I asked him, he was like “it’s like love but not actually love yet, i just wish there was a real word for it”

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about the prettylittlegroupies tumblr? I think it's hysterical!

I’m going to be completely honest and blunt with my answer hoping no one will take offense to it but knowing at least one person will.

I don’t track tags. I have a few saved tags, but I rarely go through them, so naturally, I’m not going to know about asks that another tumblr page is getting if I don’t follow them and don’t stalk the tags that they’re tagging.

I found out about the page yesterday when someone I follow on twitter mentioned something about “we won”. My first thought when I read this was “what the fuck has this fanbase done this time?” I googled the name which brought me to the tumblr page. I started looking through their posts and all I was reading was how different band members from different bands have slept with this many underage fans and how amazing of a fuck said band members are. 

As one of those anons on the page said, that page is slut shaming for band members. So in this whole situation, I feel bad for the band members who are featured on that page.

I do, however, find the way that the Turtles handled the whole situation was pretty damn funny. Yes, anyone can make shit up on the internet, but that’s why you have to take that page light heartedly. And so what if they fuck around? They’re 19-23 year old humans. Sex is a part of life. And odds are, if you’re out on the road for months at a time traveling with males only and you’re straight, you’re gonna get pretty damn horny and have some sexual frustration that you’re gonna need to get rid of. So what if they’ve fucked fans? Lucky for those fans! But fans have no right to say that they are not allowed to have sex because this fan thinks higher of them. I’ve had sex before. Do you think less of me knowing that there’s been a dick in my vagina? What about your parents? You had to have been created somehow. Do you think any less of them? These six guys are just that - guys. They make wonderful music, and yes, maybe their lyrics or even their words have saved your life, but think about their life too. They have one. Let them have one.

Anonymous asked: i came here to leave nice things but wow that kim possible gif literally made me lonely lol f u @ ron n kim

sorry man

Anonymous asked: i think ur an oprah

thnx man

Anonymous asked: it was supposed to say flarp not larp


Anonymous asked: larp

so much same

Anonymous asked: poop poop poop on yoooou

go take a shit