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I just met City In The Sea

in a local Panera wearing a Simple Plan shirt. I feel judged for wearing this shirt. It was a terrible life choice. 

I’ve been putting off admitting this for a while, but all of the work I’m putting into 8 Foot 4 mixed with my crazy day to day schedule is starting to effect my health. 

8 Foot 4 has gotten so far in such a short amount of time and I don’t want it to lose momentum. 

That being said, we are currently looking for staff, especially staff who are willing to put effort into working for our site. 

If you’re interested, the application can be found here. Any questions? Please email

Don’t Panic, It’s Just A Review!


Baltimore, MD pop-rockers All Time Low released their new album entitled Don’t Panic on October 9. This release marks their return to Hopeless Records after their departure from Interscope in late 2011. During the period where the band was unsigned, they…

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I got my left tragus pierced about 4 months ago, and haven’t listened to music with both headphones in since then. Today is the first day I have, and it’s something I’ve missed extremely. I feel like I’m experiencing what deaf people experience when they first hear sound. Of course not to the same extreme, but just as beautiful.

You know how there are the bumper stickers that say “will stop for animals” and shit like that? I want one that says “will risk bladder infection for bands”.

I mean, do people realize how long you need to hold pee in at concerts?

Go into iTunes, search “home paradise fears” or “paradise fears home”, click where it says “request” and follow the instructions on that page.

If enough people request this song, they’re bound to put it up, right?

Also reblog this like the crazy turtles I know you all are.

I may or may not just be listening to music and writing down every 4 letter word……. Plus swog.

I may or may not just be listening to music and writing down every 4 letter word……. Plus swog.


:’) this song


:’) this song

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Welcome To My Life | Simple Plan 

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What would you do if I told you that I la la la la loved SAM?

What would you do if I told you that I la la la la loved SAM?

Listen to Yours Truly by Paradise Fears.

Put your headphones in. Close your eyes. Forget the music. Just listen to Sam. Listen to the words he says. Listen to every breath he takes. 

It’s so serene. So calm. So soothing. So genuine. So real. So perfect.

It’s more than just music, it’s a story. Not just Sam’s, but also mine. 

I can’t even begin to express my love.


sam is probably one of the most hilarious people ever.